1. Mark Foley

    Time span on WebDAV published Calendars does not appear to be working

    I've published a webDAV calendar from Outlook 2010. My time span setting is previous 30 days through next 90 days. However, when I look at the actual .ics file published on the webDav server there are over 2600 entries with dates ranging from early 2010 to July of 2016 (7 months out). Does the...
  2. Mark Foley

    Problem subscribing to shared calendar

    I'm having a big problem with two of nine Outlook 2010 user in an office not being able to subscribe to a specific WebDAV calendar. User A publishes calendar "HPRS Office Calendar" and invites users B, C and D. Users B and C subscribe, no problem. User D can accept the invitation and the...