Why DispEventAdvise couldn't work?

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Q1: In OnConnection function, the follow code can work. I'm using outlook2003.

Outlook::MAPIFolderPtr pSentFd = m_NSPtr->GetDefaultFolder(Outlook::


pSentFdItems = pSentFd->GetItems();


But following couldn't, why?

m_NSPtr->GetFolders(); then loop to search the specified folder, i'm sure i

found the correct folder, then

if(HotPtr != NULL)//HotPtr is the correct MAPIFolderPtr for olFolderSentMail.


CComPtr<Outlook::_Items> HotInboxItems = HotPtr->GetItems();

long ll = HotInboxItems->GetCount();



But the event could not be fired.

Q2: How could i get MailItem of the mail receive from HTTP hotmail? I don't

know how to DispEventAdvise on hotmail's message store(I add a HTTP account

which is MS's hotmail), i use the code above to set event on the folder of

hotmail(and i'm sure the folder is correct folder), but couldn't work. Is

there a way to get hotmail's(INTERSTOR) "Namespace" so that i can get its

folder to set the current advise?

In a word, i want to get the MailItem of HTTP mail from hotmail to process,

is that clear?
1. The object raising the events (HotInboxItems) must be alive at all times.

Make sit a global/cklass variable rather than a local one.

2. There is nothing special about the Hotmail store (which is really a PST


Dmitry Streblechenko (MVP)
Yes, that's right, i change the object to a member of class, it is ok. Thanks

in advance. ^_^

But here is another question, in my test code, i assume that the MsgStore's

name is "hotmail", but in fact the name can be not "hotmail". What's the

better way to get the correct entry id of inbox?(not default MsgStore).
2. I don't think there is anything you can do if you are using the Outlook

Object Model alone.

Dmitry Streblechenko (MVP)

Hi, Dmitry, thank you for your reply.

I am now try to use MAPI for this problem, and have a small question.

Assume the default profile name's "MyProfile". These are what i did:

1.IProfAdmin::AdminServices to get ServiceAdmin

2.IMsgServiceAdmin::GetMsgServiceTable to get table

3.IMAPITable::QueryRows to get all message store rows.

4.for loop to find property of PR_SERVICE_NAME_A use PpropFindProp.

If find check if it is "INTERSTOR", if it is "INTERSTOR", check the ""

propery, but the second check is failed, can you help me out with it?

This is the code snippet:

for(ULONG uLoop = 0; uLoop < pStoreRows->cRows; uLoop ++)


lpCurProp = pStoreRows->aRow[uLoop].lpProps;

uCurValue = pStoreRows->aRow[uLoop].cValues;

lpRetStoreProp = PpropFindProp( lpCurProp, uCurValue, PR_SERVICE_NAME_A )


if (_CheckStringProp(lpRetStoreProp, PT_STRING8))


// compare the string with "INTERSTOR"

CString szServiceName(lpRetStoreProp->Value.lpszA);



lpCurProp = pStoreRows->aRow[uLoop].lpProps;

uCurValue = pStoreRows->aRow[uLoop].cValues;

// get the message provider UID

lpRetStoreProp = PpropFindProp( lpCurProp, uCurValue,


if(lpRetStoreProp && PR_PROVIDER_UID == lpRetStoreProp->ulPropTag)

{// Here failed, what's going on?





I'm sure that PR_PROVIDER_UID is the exist property.

Thanks in advance.
Why exactly does the check fail?

What do you see in OutlookSpy when you click IMAPISession::AdminServices

Dmitry Streblechenko (MVP)

I solved it, After check the terms with outlookspy, my mind's clear and then
the problem were sloved, thank again, Dmitry.
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