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I am attempting to utilize Outlook is a way to keep detailed records on both suspects as well as informants. The default contacts form does not have the information I need in it, such as Social Security number, date of birth, charges pending, etc. So, I was thinking about utilizing a specially made form and wanted to get some input on the matter, since I am somewhat new to Outlook.

First, does anyone out there have a form that they believe will be close to what I need? If so, would you be willing to give me a copy of it. Secondly, from my limited research it appears that a form from the multiple pages or tabs. If so, I should be able to use the same front page for both informants and suspects and just add a second page with information such as cases worked are charges pending, etc.

Is there a way to populate a database with an Outlook form?

I don't know if there are any police officers on this forum, but if there is and you have any forms made for booking in a suspect, with mugshots and feels for all the relevant information, I would be very grateful for a copy.

If you are interested in working with the Rayne Police Department in creating such forms, please e-mail me at

I will greatly appreciate any assistance rendered.

Thanks in advance,

Ricky Gray
Yes, you will add second (or more) pages to the contact form to add custom fields.

You can populate a database using odbc - access has an outlook connector ready to use but it's possible to use other apps to access outlook data too - you may need to know more dev stuff to make it work though.

I don't know if anyone has done something like this before. however, if the db is going to be very large, i would probably look at either using an Access application or a custom web app that connected directly to the database. Not knowing what you have available - infopath as a front end to sql is one option (as is Access as a front end). I think sharepoint might be clunky for something like this but its another option, if you have a sharepoint server.

Unless you either are a one man force or use Exchange server, sharing the contacts will be difficult.

(If the database is going to be small... I'm moving to wherever you are. :))
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