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Outlook 2007 - contact form. I want to REMOVE the business card above Notes so NOTES now has all that space. How can this be done, or can't it.
? How do I do that, through the Developer tab? I still don't see how you could do this - I called MS tech support they said no .. and what do you mean it reverts, can you clarify?
Yes, through the developer tab > design form. You need to adjust one field (i resized the phone fields) to kick it out of the 'pretty' design with the card. Deleting an unneeded field (or the awful icons) would work too - any change to this page reverts to this old style form.

This is the default layout but you can rearrange the fields

Well then it CAN be done! And I LIKE the old style form better! However, does this change the contact page for all contacts, or new ones that you add - and how do you restore the original if you want to go back! Super!
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