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    Select / activate first email item in the searched query

    Dear all, I am currently using the code as follows to search for any emails that were sent / received during a certain period. So far so good. Now, how can I select and activate first email found in the chain of emails? Screenshot attached. Private Sub Emails()...
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    Remove Subject Residual

    Dear all, Looks like there is another reason, it tripped today again, attached is screenshot. Only PC was running, laptop was off. I cannot understand what tripped it, although there was an incoming reading confirmation and I have opened reminder window with pending tasks. Could either of these...
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    Clear Offline Items (Mail Folder) via VBA

    Dear All, Does anyone know of a way to Clear Offline Items (Mail Folder) via VBA? Currently, I do this way: select mail folder, Properties > Clear Offline Items. Attached is screenshot of the mentioned.
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    Remove Subject Residual

    Hello Diana, Yes, this is Exchange account. Until now I could not identify what triggers it, in certain times the error message pops-up when Outlook was already running and there incoming emails when both PC Outlook and laptop Outlook are running at the same time. Before I used to get this...
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    Remove Subject Residual

    Dear all, I need some piece of advice. I am using the following code to strip message subjects of such words, as example {EXTERNAL}", "HA:", "[Ext]", "[EXTERNAL] and so on. Location is in ThisSession of Outlook. I use the rule such as "with specific words in the subject"and "run a script". I...
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    VBA to send reminder email if no response

    I would be interested in reading the response from Diana, this is topic I was long time interested in...
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    Paste formatted text (bold, underlined and in quotes)

    Dear Outlook / VBA experts, I am using the following code (googled it) to paste un-formatted text to email message. How can I change it, so the text pasted is bold, underlined and in quotes? Here is an instance for example in the next line. The text - antelope was darker - is pasted, once...
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    Instant search with special characters

    Hello all, Can anyone comment on my question as follows?
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    Instant search with special characters

    How to use Instant Search for "[External]" or "{External}" or "[Ext]" keywords? The square or the curly bracket seem to be ignored in the instant searh.
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    Change font of reminder of an email header

    Dear Diana, How about programmatically? In the Menu > Developer, there is an option "Design This Form", does it have a way to modify existing form so that I can amend font for the line reminders?
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    Advanced Search in MS Outlook by VBA and SQL

    Dear Diana, Thank you! That was helpful! :)
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    Change font of reminder of an email header

    Hello all, Is there a way to make font for line reminder (selected in red rectangle) to be in different font / color / size? The font is so small that I have diffulties reading it. I have attached a screenshot
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    Advanced Search in MS Outlook by VBA and SQL

    Here is a code I was able to modify to meet my expection (got from It loops thru entire Outlook and find (in different PST) emails received / sent within today. So far so good. Now, it also searches for and finds Outlook items such new contacts in "Recipient Cache", "Tasks"...
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    Search by date macro

    I was able to locate this code at URL and I need slightly to amend it: what I need that the macro search for emails from one single specific email account and on specific date, such as for example yesterday, or 2 days ago or 1 week ago. Can you please give me a hand and give me...
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    InputBox for variable folder

    Dear Diana, Thanks, that was indeed helpful!