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    Outlook 2016 Contacts missing in Outlook 365

    Some (but not all) of my wife's contacts have disappeared from Outlook 365/2016 on her desktop computer (she only uses the iCloud address book). The only possibility we can think of is that on her iPhone (which syncs with her computer) she deleted some duplicate contact entries. Could that be...
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    Time format in Outlook calendar and emails

    I'm using Windows 10 and Outlook in Office 365 (subscription version, not cloud-based). I've changed the time format to 12-hour (AM/PM) time in both Settings and Control Panel. That successfully changes the format in the Windows task bar, but not in Outlook emails or calendar. How do I change...
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    Calendars in Outlook 2016

    I don't use Outlook, but my wife does and we are having a lot of trouble understanding calendars. A lot of web searching has not located the explanations I need, so here goes: 1. Can anyone point me to a good explanation (both simple and more advanced) of the way in which calendars, especially...