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    Create advanced search (email) via VBA with LONG QUERY (>1024 char)

    Hi, creating an advanced search via VBA can be done easily. But the search query is limited to 1024 characters. I would like to search for emails from/to a longer list of people (from a contact group). The two straight forward ways (which I could think of) don't work: create an advanced...
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    Advanced e-Mail search on from/to contact group only searches for first 20 contacts in group

    Hi, don't you organize your contacts in contact groups, too? And wouldn't you want to have an option to search for all emails sent to/from contacts in that list? There is an option to do so in advanced search (I didn't find this in query builder or manual filter setup, only on first choice...
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    Search: Cannot find which Folder Contains a Message

    There appears not to be any way to find out in which folder a message is located, when found by search (OL 2016 and, I believe 2013). Picture this: You search for a message you've sent (to:mum) and Outlook comes up with a list. You've already got the column header 'In Folder' and all your...