calendar appointments

  1. CWM330

    Outlook 365 HELP! Calendar Craziness!

    I was using Fastmail, but getting that " International fee" tacked on to my bill every month made it more expensive, so I moved both accounts to Exchange. I need help understanding the calendar. Can someone tell me what I am doing wrong? Why is it creating TEAMS CALLS for all of our...
  2. C

    Add Form to Appointments Received, Automatically

    Can a Form be added automatically on Appointments received (or accepted)?. I need to track details of all meeting I attend, such as client name, product discussed, client location. This functionality exists on appointments I create by setting Calendar Properties to a specific form - I need to...
  3. O

    Calendar - appointment templates and categories

    Hello - I've been asked to sort out my workplace's shared calendars - essentially we've got about 15 workers, who need to put appointments into the calendars of 2 technicians,. The 15 workers need to use a template for the body text of the appointment, to make sure all the important info for the...
  4. PGSystemTester

    VBA To Change AppointmentItem.BusyStatus From MeetingItem Before Send

    Hello. I just found this site, thanks to whoever is behind it. Great resource. I'm somewhat new to Outlook VBA. My specific business case is to build a macro that replies and marks calendar invites with various set properties. I'm having a hard time with the getting the AppointmentItem...
  5. K

    Update Appointment category when changed in Excel

    I have a task tracking list in an Excel table. I have a macro (attached to a userform CommandButton) that, after I fill out the form, it adds the data to the last row of the table and then creates meeting invites based on the due date and time on each row. To avoid duplication of appointments...
  6. T

    Outlook Calendar 2016 import Excel

    We do recurring appointments every year. I exported the calendar from Outlook 2016 to an Excel spreadsheet. We massaged the data (created new appointments for 2017) and I am now trying to reimport it. In the past, I had the option to import different Excel formats. Now it only shows me the...
  7. M

    How to keep reccurence during copy tasks to calendar?

    Hi, when I copy / move tasks to calendar the reccurence information is lost! I've got many many tasks and restoring manually recurrence to each one is almost impossible! It's very important to me to keep reccurence. i've tried move / copy / drag and drop / export - import (all formats) and it...
  8. T

    populate calendar with appointments and send reminders

    I am the volunteer Faith Community Coordinator for our local homeless shelter. I schedule a different church to host our guests every night of the year. (Our guests sleep there) There must be a way that I can create appointments or meetings for each church for a six month period and tell it...
  9. Karsten V

    Reminders keep popping up way after past reject

    We have several users that keep getting reminders pop ups even when they have been rejected and the meeting is long overdue. What have we done so far: I have looked alle over the internet for sollutions, none have worked so far I have used the outlook switch /cleanreminders <-- did't do the...
  10. R

    Outlook calendar appointments Free/Busy time is changing from "Busy" to "Free"

    Hello SS, I have come across this problem recently where calendar appointments are created and the default free/busy time is set to "busy". After a month or so, checking the same appointment, the free/busy time somehow changes to "free". It is becoming more frequent with users I support and...
  11. P

    Calendar permissions query

    Is it possible to allow colleagues to see the title and venue of any appointment in my calendar, but not to be able to open the meeting request? Reason, the meeting request can include sensitive info, including attachments which I do not want to share with colleagues.
  12. G

    Calendar does not point to deafult data file

    Hello, I moved from Outlook 2010 to 2013 by using tlast year's pst file for the transfer. I have several IMAP accounts. The data goes to an ost file. I realized that my calendar is linked to another data (pst) file (the original data file I started from) not to the default data file. therefore...