conditional formatting

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    Different views for To-Do List and To-Do Bar

    I have applied filtering and conditional formatting in my To-Do Bar. When I view the To-Do List using the Tasks folder and choosing the To-Do List, it applies the same filtering and conditional formatting in my To-Do Bar. How can I use two different filters/formatting -- one for To-Do Bar and...
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    Outlook 2021 Can anyone explain why my Outlook views keep changing?!

    Recently I've made a few changes to my view settings (I use several views in Outlook for different purposes) - mainly adding a few extra conditional formatting options (which I find very helpful for prioritising emails). Everything was fine for a day or two then, suddenly some (but not all) of...
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    Alerting on missed emails in conversation

    tl;dr In case I get a second email in a conversation from the same person before I replied, I would like to color it pink and make the font bigger so I know I need to reply to it. Any recommendation on how to do it? Background We have a bad email culture at work, everyone CCs managers, sends...
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    Conditional Formatting in calendar part of To-Do Bar

    I created conditional formatting on my calendar to indicate whether I'm a Required Attendee (dark red) or an Optional Attendee (light red) for appointments and meetings. I was dismayed to discover that the formatting did not apply to the Calendar portion of the To-Do bar. Any suggestions on how...
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    Conditional formatting problem with "is not empty" and categories

    I made a conditional formatting rule to change the font on messages that have any Category assigned. I set the query as "Categories" and "is not empty." Guess what? It applies the formatting to every single message. I troubleshot the issue by unchecking every single other rule and it still does...
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    Forward every other email in Outlook 2013

    Looking for some kind of script or code to run to forward every other incoming email that comes from a specific email address to a certain person. In other words, I get emails from, and every other email needs to be forwarded to Dave, and every other email needs to be forwarded to...
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    Using conditional formatting on a shared calendar with categories

    I have an interesting problem that I am really hoping someone has a good solution for. Context and issue: I am using Outlook 2016 Exchange I have access to a shared calendar (with editor rights). The owner of the shared calendar has most meetings color-coded using categories. I would like the...
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    Change default colors for conditional formatting

    i am applying conditional formatting to assign colors to calendar events in outlook 2016. the process is pretty straightforward - i pick a word as a condition (child's name, location of event, etc.). but the colors outlook gives me are limited and ugly! the "red" is actually closer to fuchsia...