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    VBA to move email from Non Default folder to Sub folders as per details given in excel file

    I would request you all VBA champs to help me out with a VBA code for outlook email bifurcations. I need VBA code which I can run on particular folder on outlook by every end of the day for all emails received for the day. This Code should pick up email id from the excel file which will have...
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    oContacts.Items.Restrict Misses Some Contacts

    I have an Excel spreadsheet containing information that I use to create Outlook contacts using VBA. My VBA creates all the contacts correctly. However, when I need to update the contacts because the data changes or I need to make other changes to the VBA, some contacts are recreated rather than...
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    save email from excel

    Dear Sir wishing you a good day. we have a Excel VBA code that saves the selected email from outlook and hyperlinks a cell to it. but the problem is when the selected email is from a search result on "All Mailboxes". I would be thankful if you check what the problem is and let me know. Sub...
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    Update Appointment category when changed in Excel

    I have a task tracking list in an Excel table. I have a macro (attached to a userform CommandButton) that, after I fill out the form, it adds the data to the last row of the table and then creates meeting invites based on the due date and time on each row. To avoid duplication of appointments...
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    How to replace or delete first instance of sentence in mail body?

    Dear Madam, Sub :- How to replace or delete first instance of sentence in mail body? hello & have a good day.. I already have a Excel Vba macro for send unique mails for each file in one folder with conditional To, Subject & body with rich text format signature that's work fine ..but .. I...
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    Macro sending outlook template from Excel list

    I have an excel macro that creates an email in outlook using a template. Col A is the email address; Col B is the subject. The macro works, except when it loops through the list, instead of creating a new email and saving it as a draft, it overwrites the email. Sub test_send() Dim...