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    How to handle filing of emails from an Inbox Subfolder to a specific Public folder

    Environment is Office 365/Outlook 2016: My client has recently noticed that when they go to manually move multiple emails from their Outlook inbox to a "project specific" Public Folder it hangs Outlook until the move process is completed. The more emails they select to move, the longer the user...
  2. J

    Macro only runs within VBA Editor

    I located a code which creates an email message with a meeting attendee list including acceptance status. I installed the code and was able to run it without issue from both editor and developer tab macro list dropdown. I exported the code to be able to import onto another computer but now the...
  3. M

    Automatically create event in calendar when task is created

    Hi, is there a way to automatically create an event when the task is created? (copy of task in calendar?) Thx Greetings
  4. G

    VBA/Macro to remove page colour when replying or forwarding email

    I am looking to create a macro to remove the page colour from an email when replying to it or forwarding it, either automatically on the single click of a button, instead of having to go to the setting on the ribbon, which takes a few clicks. I've looked around, but can't find any solutions. I...
  5. B

    Can't run macro from QAT when emailing from Acrobat

    I print QuickBooks invoices to PDFs using the Adobe Acrobat PDF printer, then use the Email PDF button in Acrobat to open a new Outlook mail message with the PDF attached. (Yes, I know QB has a built-in email PDF feature, but the PDFs look like crap, are 10x larger than the Adobe version, and...
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    How to validate any email address before it is sent

    Hello All, I was recently assigned this ticket to find out how to validate email addresses before they are sent. We are currently going through a naming convention change, so some emails are full first name and full last name @, while others are first initial full last name @domain...