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    PSA: How to create custom keyboard shortcut for "Paste Unformatted Text" in Outlook on Windows

    This was bugging me and there were not many good directions online but I found part of a thread about this from a few years ago on this forum and thought I would update it (can't post there since it's closed), and for posterity. Use Case I write a lot of emails in Outlook and frequently am...
  2. S

    Outlook 365 Help me create a Macro to make some received emails into tasks?

    Hello, because I often miss all of the tasks I have to do I wanted to automate some things in outlook. Every time I have to do something new I get an email in a standardized form. I would like to have a macro that automatically takes the Mail with a specific subject, copies a specific part of...
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    How to create a drop down user defined field that will appear on an inbox view

    Hi - on an inbox view, one can add existing fields such as "FROM" or add other existing fields such as "SENSITIVITY" that has as 4 drop down options: "Normal" "Personal" Private " and "Confidential" I want to create a user defined field that acts like the field "SENSITIVITY" - for example, I...
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    Save Selected Email Message as .msg File

    I found a macro written by Diane Poremsky which is almost 100% of what I want. I would to add to the macro that the selected email(s) after saving to a folder be moved to the trash folder in Outlook. Can someone tell me how to modify the macro? Also, is there a good site that I can go to so I...
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    Macro to add Date & Time etc to "drag to save" e-mails

    Hi all, I'm wondering if anyone could help with this... I recently found a macro online that will save my e-mails to a folder and add the date, time, sender, recipient and subject to each email as it saves it. This in itself is really helpful but would really save extra time if it was possible...
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    How to handle filing of emails from an Inbox Subfolder to a specific Public folder

    Environment is Office 365/Outlook 2016: My client has recently noticed that when they go to manually move multiple emails from their Outlook inbox to a "project specific" Public Folder it hangs Outlook until the move process is completed. The more emails they select to move, the longer the user...
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    Macro only runs within VBA Editor

    I located a code which creates an email message with a meeting attendee list including acceptance status. I installed the code and was able to run it without issue from both editor and developer tab macro list dropdown. I exported the code to be able to import onto another computer but now the...
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    Automatically create event in calendar when task is created

    Hi, is there a way to automatically create an event when the task is created? (copy of task in calendar?) Thx Greetings
  9. G

    VBA/Macro to remove page colour when replying or forwarding email

    I am looking to create a macro to remove the page colour from an email when replying to it or forwarding it, either automatically on the single click of a button, instead of having to go to the setting on the ribbon, which takes a few clicks. I've looked around, but can't find any solutions. I...
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    Can't run macro from QAT when emailing from Acrobat

    I print QuickBooks invoices to PDFs using the Adobe Acrobat PDF printer, then use the Email PDF button in Acrobat to open a new Outlook mail message with the PDF attached. (Yes, I know QB has a built-in email PDF feature, but the PDFs look like crap, are 10x larger than the Adobe version, and...
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    How to validate any email address before it is sent

    Hello All, I was recently assigned this ticket to find out how to validate email addresses before they are sent. We are currently going through a naming convention change, so some emails are full first name and full last name @, while others are first initial full last name @domain...