1. M

    Move command

    I use the Move command a lot to move emails to other folders. Is there anyway to increase the number of options, using VBA or otherwise. Currently 10 folders are available, could this be increased?
  2. T

    Increasing the number of items that appear on the Categories list

    Maybe I'm hallucinating, but for a brief period after a recent Outlook 2016 for Desktop update, it seems like I had more than 15 Categories to choose from when clicking on the Categorize ribbon button. I understand that I can click "All Categories," but I'm looking for a way for more of my...
  3. S

    Moving .OST file location unsuccessful!

    I have two email accounts in Outlook 16 which I had successfully managed to change the Data Files to D:\Users| Username\Documents\Outlook Files\ IMAP folder. All steps below have been carried out with Office 16 closed and adding the email thru Control Panel > Mail > email accounts >...
  4. I

    Automating message move between folders

    Hi, I am not sure if this is a "macro" question or I am just doing something wrong, but here's the scenario: At work, we're using Office365. I am sometimes using my Samsung Galaxy S8+ to read and archive or delete e-mail messages. If I use the inbuilt "Archive" button on the Galaxy's Outlook...
  5. D

    Move Emails between Folders in Separate Mailbox

    Greetings, I am trying to move all messages in one subfolder to another. Actually I have to do that twice but I can adapt the code myself. My trouble is that I'm far more adept with Access VBA than Outlook VBA. Also, the message folders (current and target) aren't within my own mailbox...
  6. D

    How to handle filing of emails from an Inbox Subfolder to a specific Public folder

    Environment is Office 365/Outlook 2016: My client has recently noticed that when they go to manually move multiple emails from their Outlook inbox to a "project specific" Public Folder it hangs Outlook until the move process is completed. The more emails they select to move, the longer the user...
  7. O

    On click,I want to change subject line of selected mail and then reply to particular email and move

    My purpose to reply the email and then move it to another folder with the updated subject link.I edit the reply subject line with rule and also i need to keep the same subject line as replied and then moved to another folder. Scenario: My colleague moved a mail to my folder(B) from group mail...
  8. B

    Macro to manually move selected emails to network folder

    Hello. Great website. (Didn't even know macros existed in Outlook until i found your website.) Need some advice. We recently switched our entire office of 20 people from on-premise exchange to Office365 during a server upgrade and we rely heavily on public folders for managing...
  9. DAVID A

    moved the Outlook CST file - All subfolders lost

    I decided to move the Microsoft Outlook folder with the CST file in it... Because I am a massive idiot - I did not think to check first, before moving it (from My Documents to a deeper location in my folders). I noticed that when I (tried to) move it, it became duplicated (one folder still in...
  10. S

    Auto move search results to folder

    Hi, I am trying to make outlook search for specific key words in .txt attachments then move the emails with those attachments to a folder. The only way I was able to get some results is by using SendKeys. Code works up to he third line but when I add the last 2 lines and run I only get the...