outlook 2019

  1. T

    Can't reposition "Flag Status" column

    In Outlook 2019, I'm trying to reposition the "Flag Status" column from the rightmost column of the view to the leftmost column. But even though I've changed the order of the columns in my custom View Settings, the Flag Status column stubbornly stays put at the rightmost position. What am I...
  2. Albert McCann

    Outlook (and Office) 2019 Logging

    I just installed Office Home & Business 2019 (C2R) here today, replacing Outlook 2013. One annoying thing I've discovered is the obsessive logging by all the Office apps in the temp folder. Each app writes a bunch of *.LOG files in %temp%\Diagnostics\Outlook,Excel,Word folders, and Outlook...
  3. Witzker

    Macro to move @domain.xx of a Spammail to Blacklist in Outlook 2019

    Hi I have to move from OL 2010 to 2019 Now its also time to take care of increasing Spam I get. As OL can normally only add the whole email address to blacklist it would be great to have a macro in the ribbon that does the sane as Block sender, but not only move xxx@dmain.xx but @domain.xx...
  4. J

    How do I disable advertising in Outlook 2019?

    Specifically, there is a yellow banner advertising, "EXPERIENCE MICROSOFT 365 Keep your files safe, secure, and accessible with 1 TB of cloud storage. Try Microsoft 365. Start free trial" Outlook 2019 with on-premise Exchange 2016 server. Not using any Office 365 services. Thank you in advance!
  5. diver864

    vba for a rule to automatically accept meeting requests with 'vacation' in subject, change to all-day event, change to free, don't send reply

    Hi, the company I work for sends out meeting requests to everyone when someone is going to be on vacation, as a way of letting people know who's not going to be available. But the meeting requests are set for 8am to 5pm, include the standard 15 minute reminder, and are set to busy, which makes...
  6. J

    Is it no longer possible to suppress Outlook 2019 Invalid Certificate name mismatch security alert via Registry?

    Is it no longer possible to suppress Security Alert prompt in Outlook 2019 for an Exchange Invalid Certificate name mismatch security alert via Registry? Using unsigned self-cert that doesn't match. I could suppress this with registry edits on 2013, but none of the entries I'm trying now seem to...