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    Search Folders and Jump to Folder

    Hi, I have developed an add-in that allows me to search for folders and jump to a folder from the favourites in the folder navigation. I was wondering if there are any Outlook add-in developers here who could tell me what the best marketplace is to bring this nice feature to market? Regards...
  2. S

    How to find emails that I sent that have not received a reply?

    I'm using Outlook 2016. I've tried to do this using a Search Folder. I've used "Tracking Status not equal to Replied" as the primary query item. This finds emails that I have not replied to, not emails I have sent that others have not replied to. Similarly, here is a VBA solution (How to...
  3. A

    Going to folder using shortcuts

    I have created 50+ folders and rules for incoming emails. I have a search for all unread emails. Does outlook have a shortcut so you can go to the folder of the email in your search? Let me reword this. My search I have an email and it's in a folder called "Dog". Can use shortcut Ctrl+??? and I...
  4. W

    Create Search Folder excluding Specific Email Addresses

    I am trying to create a Search Folder that will exclude specific email addresses. We have an Alarms folder that we dump all email alarms into once they have been dealt with. The Alarms come from ~40 different email addresses. As things do get miss filed occasionally I'm trying to create a...
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    Outlook macro to create search folder with mail categories as criteria

    Hi there, Since 2010, my workflow is based on the principle of Control Your Day. Main tools are categories and search folders. I have improved the process by adding my own VBAs to add next actions to the context folder. The last missing piece I can not get working is the ability to create a...
  6. Diane Poremsky

    Use VBA to create an Outlook Search Folder for Sender

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