1. C

    Outlook 365 Multiple different Signatures on Shared Mailbox

    Hi All Working with office365 shared mailbox and outlook client when replying I am wondering if anyone here knows how to set different signatures for each user who uses a shared mailbox As it stands at the moment, Office seems to sync all signatures on the shared mailbox, so if one user chooses...
  2. A

    How to create fixed signatures for aliases that process through GMAIL?

    I used your VBA macro to ensure that all my Gmail aliases received in Outlook are answered with the "from" address it was sent to. Using a Gmail Master Account: Reply Using the Correct Account - This is working great! My issue now is how to add a fixed signature for these aliases. Outlook only...
  3. Martull

    Forced signature when multiple accounts exist

    Hello, Here is the scenario. We have a corporate signature that it is forced when a new/replay email es written. The user can NOT edit the signature. This configuration is loaded trough a PowerShell on Windows log on (source 1 and 2) Some of our employees have a secondary email account from a...
  4. Mark Foley

    Outlook multi-spacing Thunderbird signatures when replying

    Our office is mixed Thunderbird and Outlook 2010 clients. When an Outlook user (internal or external) replies to a message sent by a Thunderbird user, the original signature appears multi-spaced in the reply's copy of the original. The Thunderbird signature block is an HTML table. In examining...
  5. Diane Poremsky

    Image Quality in Signatures

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