1. BartH

    Add a string to the conditions in .Conditions.BodyOrSubject.Text

    I use multiple rules that use conditions like BodyOrSubject holds "string1; string2 etc" I can manually add a string to the BodyOrSubject conditions, but now want to do that with VBA. The code below runs fine until "oRule.Conditions.BodyOrSubject.Add strSubject" - what would be the correct...
  2. M

    Making Subject field writable (disable Read Only)

    Hi, I'm working on a custom form that contains only a Company, Subject, and a few other custom fields I created. This is contained in a new folder, that will only use this one custom form. I would like for the Company and Subject to contain different information. (This is what I did with it in...
  3. M

    Macro to add date/time stamp to subject

    Hi all, A complete Outlook macro newbie here (and a macro newbie in general). I have been trying to get a macro to work to add a date/time stamp to the subject of all emails in the selected outlook folder. I am receiving an error on my 'check' line to avoid duplication of the date/time stamp on...
  4. C

    Save Subject of Received Email as a String

    Hello guys, I am looking to save the subject of an email I receive as a string in VBA. I am using Outlook 2013. If anyone could help me out, I would greatly appreciate it. Have a great day, and thanks for your input
  5. Aussie

    I Change the Subject Line ... but after it is moved the subject has reverted

    All, I did scour the forum ... and other forums prior to posting … no joy. I am using Widows 10 64b, and Office 365, Outlook 64b, on my desktop which is connected via ActiveSync to "Microsoft". I can change the subject lines on email in the Inbox and save the mail ... no problem there. For...
  6. Diane Poremsky

    Add a file number or keyword to the subject line of messages

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