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    Can't accept or decline task (no button appears)

    Hello, I can't accept or decline tasks that are sent to me. I don't even see the button. Also my message looks weird. However I can send task to the same person and everything is ok.
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    VBA to Collapse Task Folder Groups

    I am familiar with VBA, but most of my VBA experience is with Access. I would like to write VBA Code to collapse or expand all Task folder groups. This works with the tasks themselves using the native option under View - Expand/Collapse; however, it does not expand or collapse the sidebar groups...
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    How to keep reccurence during copy tasks to calendar?

    Hi, when I copy / move tasks to calendar the reccurence information is lost! I've got many many tasks and restoring manually recurrence to each one is almost impossible! It's very important to me to keep reccurence. i've tried move / copy / drag and drop / export - import (all formats) and it...
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    set task reminder date to same as start date (without affecting due date)

    Is it possible to write a macro that triggers the reminder date on an Outlook task to reset to the same as the start date? I would like to be able to change the start date on a task and have the reminder date automatically change to match the start date (with a reminder time of 9:00 AM). I...
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    receive mail when appointment category changes and create task from appointment

    Hi, I'm looking for a code to receive an email when an appointment gets a specific category. And I'm looking for a code to convert an appointement to an task request. Looking forward to your response! Thank you in advance. Kind regards, Marjorie