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OK, what's the real cause of this error? I turned off all add-ins and after patch Tuesday it's getting it a dozen times a day.
What version of Outlook? Which antivirus are you using? I thought it was related to net framework and one (or more) of the antivirus programs. ("Office11" does not mean its specifically about Office 11.)

What is the full text of the error?

Did you uninstal any of the updates to see if it stopped the error? If so, which ones appear to cause it.
Outlook 2010. Microsoft Security Essentials.

Full text:

Problem signature

Problem Event Name: Office11ShipAssert

Problem Signature 01: 2oyl

Problem Signature 02: 14.0.4763.0

OS Version: 6.1.7600.

Locale ID: 1033

Extra information about the problem

No2nd: 2

Bucket ID: 1207505159

Did not uninstall any of the updates yet to see which might have caused it, HOWEVER prior to the updates, having ALL add-ons disabled I was not getting the error like I was BEFORE I turned off all of the updates AND I upgraded to Office 2010 because of the email error caused by a windows update. I hope you understand this frustration. Thank you.
When are the users seeing this error? Is it on boot or during specific actions?

Is this error preventing Outlook to work?

(those questions are from my contact at microsoft)
It only shows as a non critical error in problem reports every time Outlook is opened. It is not preventing Outlook from working. If your MS contact does a search, many other people have had this same error showing. Thank you, "administrator"
Just becasue the error doesn't prevent outlook from working, doesn't mean its not highly annyoing - and yes, a lot of people experience this error but no one seems to know the cause. That's what I'm hoping to get from my contacts. Once we know the cause we'll know how to avoid it.
Thank you very much. Gus Hallgren directed me to Sue and Slipstick in 1996, and you folks have been the best resource ever.
They looked up support cases with the same bucket id and only found one match - that customer had other problems (including BCM was misconfigured) and they don't know for sure which one caused the shipassert alert. If you have BCM or Business Connectivity Services addin, they recommend starting with them.

They don't have a 'smoking gun' for the error, so the standard troubleshooting advice applies - disable addins, try Safe mode etc. If that fails, open a support incident for more indepth investigation.

I know Adobe Reader and Symantec's varios security software have been blamed for this error too. I believe its related to net framework, so I'd look at programs that use net framework and interact on some level with Outlook (ie, Reader provides the PDF preview for the reading pane, symantec's norton AV scans email for viruses). BCM uses net framework too.
OK, every day after patch Tuesday and until 1/16 I had the error multiple times a day, then it has not occured since. I am happy but REALLY confused.
Just Microsoft security essentials definitions (1 on the 15th, 1 on the 16th) strange eh?
Strange, yeah, but i saw a similar complaint today about the defender definitions installed on the 16th. They had some other error, not shipassert but it does make me wonder if you are on to something.
Perhaps, but I am still error free as of this minute. Thanks again.
And now it's back with Office 2010

Problem Event Name: Office11ShipAssert

Problem Signature 01: 2oyl

Problem Signature 02: 14.0.6029.0

OS Version: 6.1.7601.

Locale ID: 1033
What updates were installed overnight or over the last couple of days?
Actually just the MSE definitions.
I wonder why they would cause a problem... i'll check with support and see if there are any cases with this problem.
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