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Hello all!

I have an odd question about the AutoArchive feature in outlook 2010.

I have set up an AutoArchive rule in a folder's properties to delete items older than one day:

| 'AutoArchive' tab

| ------- 'Archive this folder using these settings:'

| ------- ------- 'clean out items older than [1] [days]'

| ------- ------- 'Permanently delete old items'

My question is, what setting should I have checked in the AutoArchive setting in options?

| 'Options'

| ------- 'Advanced'

| ------- ------- 'AutoArchive'

| ------- ------- ------- 'Run AutoArchive every [1] days'

| ------- ------- ------- 'During AutoArchive:'

| ------- ------- ------- -------
Should I have 'Archive or delete old item' checked? Will my other rule run even if I don't?

I'd only like the single folder I've set up (in its properties) to be archived (in this case deleted), nothing else.

What settings in the main AutoArchive settings must I have to do this?

Thanks for your time and help!

Diane Poremsky

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Outlook 2016 32 bit
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If you are running it daily, you should know within a day or two if it works <g> It's not a scenario I have tested, but I'm sure you need that enabled to delete the old items, otherwise it will only look for items that are marked Expired (assuming that is checked.)

If you didn't apply the setting to all folders, the default on each should be to 'do not autoarchive', which overrides the global setting. I would probably set it to 60 months (the max) just in case a folder is marked to archive using the default settings.
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