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I have Outlook 2003, my .pst was corrupted and I could not see the inbox. I ran Scanpst.exe and now I can see the inbox, but it will not accept any emails from the date I first ran the Scanpst. I have a copy of the .pst file (16GB) on an external drive and I also did the back up as a .bak file to the external drive.

I ran the repair and it said OK. I can still see the inbox but I can't still receive emails (the message is I have corrupt files and run Scanpst, which I did, same result.

I am also unable to delete any emails from the inbox.

I can send emails with no issue.

Also, the emails received between when the file was corrupted and when I first ran the repair have not been deleted from the email server, even though the box to delete emails is checked.

I can see the notepad in the same folder as the .pst file.

However, there were no Recovered Personal Folders or Lost and Found folders created.

Any suggestions would be well received.

Regards mapo
Hi Mapo,
To repair PST file you can try SCAN.PST command. It may be possible your problem get resolved immediately. In case PST file is severely damaged then this command may not work for you. In such condition I suggest you can download any third party software such as Stellar Phoenix Outlook PST Recovery to repair PST file. This way you can repair your corrupt PST file and also recover your lost email from the PST file.
Severe Corruption Issues can't b dealt with scanpst.exe You must try some commercial tool for this
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