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I created the macros you gave me re linking to a e-mail template and it automatically adds the email address of the contact I identify or open, which has been perfect. And I have created the macros for different email templates that do it, and it all works.

But, when I use that same macro, making sure it goes to the correct template file, but I put it in a new Module, the error comes up re GetCurrentItem() which shows up as blue color when I debug it and the the error language says: "ambiguous name detected - GetCurrentItem".

So what do I need to change when I put the same form of macro into a new Module, as I want to use different Modules for different business areas of the types of emails.

Thanks so much.
Insert a module and name it Functions. Paste GetCurrentItem in it then delete GetCurrentItem from all other modules. Functions can be called by more than one macro and don't need to ve repeated.

That's not clear to me. What I did was in each macro, added a number the GetDCurrentItem, and use that same number for each place in the macro using those words....and under each macro is the Function each time and used it there as well....and it worked....

But I will still like to find out the way to create a droplist of macros not just in the opening of Outlook, but in the Contact Template.

Any new way to do that?
You need to create a custom ribbon app to add toolbar button the ribbon. You can add macros to the QAT but AFAIK, you can't create dropdown buttons. Sorry.
thanks the next questions are:

1. How do I add a custom ribbon app?

2. What does QAT mean?

3. And what does but AFAIK and what you said after?

Not clear how to do it.

Thanks so much as you have showed me how to do it please let me know if you can...
So just think you said you can add macros to the quick access toolbar...but "as far as you know" yu can create dropdown buttons.

So what is the way to do it all please?

Thank you very much.
More info just in case there is some other way to do it.

In the contact template, I right click on the QAT, customize, and under the "Chose commands from", I find the "Add-Ins Tab" and the there are Commands to add to the QAT from that area which are "Custom Toolbars", "Menu Commands" and "Toolbar Commands".

Each one that I add, and then I save the template, when I click on any of those three there is dropdown where nothing is in dropdown, but there is the dropdown.

So is there a way to add those macro's, instead of directly to QAT, into one of those dropdowns, as each of those I added, show up as a dropdown but nothing in it.

This could do it if you have a good thought how to add to them.
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