Recurring invite sent w/distribution list adding/removing attendees

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Outlook version
Outlook 2010 32 bit
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Exchange Server
Recurring Outlook invite sent with distribution list
In the past, when I add/remove attendees, I am prompted to send update to all or just those updated. Recently, an invite did not prompt me and invite (for entire year) was sent to all attendees

Also, what is the best practice to add/remove attendees where a distribution list is used? Update list first, then open invite, add/remove attendee (again)--then send updated invite or go into the tracking area and add/remove attendees from there instead of updating distribution list first?

In this invite, the distribution list (along with the various adds) displays--how can I clean this up? Example, an attendee who was removed from distribution list, still showed as OPTIONAL attendee on the invite.

Thank you; appreciate your help.
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