User-defined form arrives empty at the recipient

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Hello in the group,

I created a custom form in Outlook 2013 and published it in the Personal Forms Library.

The form is simple: It is a form of message class IPM.note and has a recipient field with a default recipient, a text field for a name, six checkboxes and six text fields for entering numbers.

The purpose of the form is to order office supplies from our office.

I created the form with two layouts (writing and reading).

If I send the form to myself, all entered field values are transferred.

However, if I send the form to my colleague, only an empty e-mail arrives.

Did I overlook any option in the form properties?

And in the print view I only see the field names and values, not the form layout :confused:

Maybe one of you has a tip.

Unfortunately InfoPath is no longer available; that would have been my tool of choice... :(

Greetings, Daniel

Diane Poremsky

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When its in the personal forms, you need to enable the option to send form definitions - however, depending on the form elements, users might need to have it published in their personal forms.

if your company has a organizational forms library, publishing it there would be better than in personal forms and sending definitions.
Outlook version
Outlook 2013 32 bit
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Exchange Server
Hello, Diane,

publishing a form in the organizational forms library is a bureaucratic effort o_O

In the meantime, I have distributed the form to the participants as a OFT file and manually selected from the templates.