1. justicefriends

    How to set a flag to follow up using VBA - for addressee in TO field

    Hi, i have embedded this macro : Public Sub SetCustomFlag() Dim objMsg As Object Set objMsg = GetCurrentItem() With objMsg ' due this week flag .MarkAsTask olMarkThisWeek ' sets a specific due date .TaskDueDate = Now + 3 .FlagRequest = "Call " & objMsg.SenderName...
  2. A

    Outlook Reminders not populating for certain events

    Hi Everyone, We’ve been going crazy trying to figure out what may have changed in outlook in the past couple months. Our company has a software that users can use to send invites to other teammates and people outside the organization. Up until a couple months ago there was no issue but then...
  3. S

    Copy Tasks/Reminders from Shared Mailbox to Personal Tasks/Reminders

    I have some VBA set up which monitors a shared mailbox inbox & on inbox_add & adds a reminder 7 days in the future. Unfortunately I've since realized that reminders don't fire when on a shared mailbox, so I was hoping that I could find some further VBA which would monitor the inbox of the...
  4. Witzker

    Macro to set contact reminder to next day 9:00

    Hi When contact is opened i would like to have a button in the ribbon when pressing reminder to call contact should be set to next day 9:00 The fields for beginn etc schould not be used only reminder time should be set Can you pls propose code to do this Many THX Regards Witzker
  5. E

    Meeting reminders are set for the recipient

    Hello, This topic is about Also about...