1. D

    Outlook 2013 changing iCloud reminder time?

    Hi, I have a recurring daily reminder set up in iCloud to alert me at a specific time of day. The first day I set up iCloud on my Windows machine, the reminder popped up properly in Outlook 2013, at the expected time. However, after I marked the reminder as Completed, it popped up again the...
  2. Diane Poremsky

    Running Outlook Macros on a Schedule

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  3. T

    populate calendar with appointments and send reminders

    I am the volunteer Faith Community Coordinator for our local homeless shelter. I schedule a different church to host our guests every night of the year. (Our guests sleep there) There must be a way that I can create appointments or meetings for each church for a six month period and tell it...
  4. Diane Poremsky

    Scheduling Drafts in Outlook

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  5. Karsten V

    Reminders keep popping up way after past reject

    We have several users that keep getting reminders pop ups even when they have been rejected and the meeting is long overdue. What have we done so far: I have looked alle over the internet for sollutions, none have worked so far I have used the outlook switch /cleanreminders <-- did't do the...
  6. L

    Fake reminder apperaring (not in calendar) - how to remove?

    I have what appears to be a fake reminder appearing, and I'm concerned it is a virus or scam software. The widgets in the reminder look different than other reminders that come up from my calendar. Attached are screen shots showing the difference. The task manager lists the process as...
  7. E

    Meeting reminders are set for the recipient

    Hello, This topic is about Also about...