1. S

    How to find emails that I sent that have not received a reply?

    I'm using Outlook 2016. I've tried to do this using a Search Folder. I've used "Tracking Status not equal to Replied" as the primary query item. This finds emails that I have not replied to, not emails I have sent that others have not replied to. Similarly, here is a VBA solution (How to...
  2. I

    Check if sent email has been replied

    Hi, How do I check if I have received reply of an email sent by me in outlook. I tried checking with EntyID and the entryid for first sent email is different from the reply received for the same email. Thanks, Iqbal
  3. K

    Extract email address from body and auto-reply outlook

    Hi there, I am trying to extract an email address from the body of an email and auto-reply using a template. I have an online store (, and from time to time I receive messages from customers through a contact form. The message notification comes through shopify (The host...
  4. G

    Outlook 2016: reply icon not showing when replied from mobile

    Hello Using Outlook 2016 (Win10) with 1 account (still waiting to be moved across) and 2 GSuite (aka Google Apps for Work) accounts. When i reply, forward etc from Outlook, the icon of said action shows up nicely. However, when i reply/forward from my iOS devices (Mac/iPad/iPhone)...
  5. I

    Email Replied for first time Date/Time

    I want to know if we can capture the date/time of an email when it was replied for the first time. Since PR_LAST_VERB_EXECUTED property would always give date/time of the last reply of an email. How do I know when was the fist instance of email was replied. For example : If I replied to one of...
  6. J

    Remove extra line above signature in reply

    Hello, I put together simple code to reply to selected email. It takes some predefined text and adds HTMLbody of the reply item. The problem is, when creating reply message, outlook puts two blank lines above signature by default. Normally, this doesn´t matter as I start writing on the first...
  7. Diane Poremsky

    Foward a Message and CC the Original Recipients

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    Select from a List of Subjects before Sending a Message

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  9. D

    Macro to scan email distribution list when replying

    Hi All: Not sure if something like this is possible, but when I reply to an email, I like denote who I might have added or removed from the distribution so folks on the reply chain can see. For example, if I reply to an email thread and add Peter to the chain, I write "+Peter" up top of the...
  10. mjkl

    Outlook's incorrect "from" account

    hello there ! name's michael and i would seek your help. I have 2 email addresses in my outlook 2013, but all emails are being replied from the 1st account exclusively - i must change the "from" account manually in order to correct it and i was asked to try to fix that. basically i would need...