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Hello All,

I made quite a big mistake and I'm hoping against all common sense that maybe there is some way I can undo the error. Basically, here's the gist. My father asked me to back up his iPhone so that he could upgrade to the 4s. I went ahead and synched his contacts (set to sync with Outlook.) Here's the problem - his most up-to-date contacts are one the computer and not the iPhone. When it synched, the contacts were replaced by the less up-to-date ones from the iPhone. On his outlook he had recently went through and weeded out all old contacts and he also updates the notes everyday with the results of his conversations with these people. It seems to me as if all notes have been replaced by the older notes from the iPhone Now, since he has 3000 contacts, it's almost impossible to go through and fix them all and remove the old ones, while remembering what the outcomes of each call were and the dates he is supposed to follow up with each contact. I know it is unlikely but I am hoping there might be some way to restore his data to the previous point (the backup I have of his contacts is from July and so much has changed since then)

So, there is my story. I now turn to you (the experts) in hopes that you may have a solution I have yet to think of. I do understand, however, that it is rather unlikely this can be undone. Anyway, I thank you for your time in reading this and I hope one of you might know a way to reverse this or be able to preform magic, either one is good with me.


Edit: Outlook 2003
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