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Is there an updated "my outlook" for Win 10, Outlook 2016? I have been looking for something to replace my calendar program due to an upgrade at work that makes it no longer is compatible. I used "My outlook" previously and loved it because it prints out my outlook events perfectly! However, it will not run since we updated to win10/outlook2016.

I hope that I'm posting in the right forum.
No, there is a not an update. I know one of the templates has issues with permissions and who knows what else - I took at look at it buy got side tracked. If you don't mind, can you upload a zip file containing the template? I'm not sure if that is the template I was working on and will check it, and see if I can fix it.
I tried to attach the file and it won't let me. Will a txt file with the script work?
Try renaming the template (or a copy) to a txt file. It should work to zip it - I thought zips were allowed here. I'm pretty sure templates cant be uploaded.
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