"My Outlook Calendar.dot" has stopped functioning...

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Hi everyone,

I am admittedly feeling a bit panicked.

I was working with a client earlier today trying to figure out a better method for her to create on-the-fly calendars. She had been using a combination of Outlook, an old DOS app, and the "My Outlook Calendar.dot" template.

We were finishing up a simpler solution using calendars that she'd create in Outlook. We'd create a calendar under her personal folders, she'd copy/add/move events she wants on the print-out, then open the Calendar using the "My Outlook Calendar.dot" template and print it out. During the testing phase, I created and removed a couple of calendars from her Outlook.

At some point, the template stopped working. I started getting run-time errors. The calendar listed in the drop down at the point of the run-time is a calendar that I tested with and subsequently deleted. (Just to be clear, merely RUNNING the template caused the run-time error to occur. I do not have to choose a calendar that isn't in Outlook any longer.)

I tried several things including downloading the original template, but I got the same errors over and over again.

After I rebooted, the error changed. Now I get a run-time immediately and debug stops here:

Public Sub Autonew()
   Application.StatusBar = "Initializing. Please Wait..." 
> >>    MY.Show 
End Sub

The error is:

Run-time error '-1317797617 (b174010f)': 
The operation failed

I started to look into ways to, perhaps, make Outlook calendar printouts look as they did when printing from the template, but there are small annoyances that I can't get around. For instance, words are nicely wrapped in the template but are simply broken up at the end of a line when printed from Outlook. I am okay with going to something completely new, but I'd have to be able to get a little better control over how items are presented on the output.

Is there any way I can repair this?

The environment is Office 2010. Outlook 2010 is connected to Exchange 2010 (SBS 2011).
The problem is resolved.

I had a suspicion that the template was having trouble parsing data within the current user's Outlook profile. What fixed the issue was switching to another Outlook profile, loading the template (which ran properly), then switching back to the user's main Outlook profile.

It's working.

And I'm going to get shoot some heroine. Maybe.
That's odd that switching profiles then switching back to the original profile fixed it - my guess is that it was something in outlook itself and switching profiles cleared outlook's memory, which allowed it to work.
That's possible. To button up my thinking on this: I ran across a forum where a few VBA developers were running into an issue when their app was attempting to enumerate folders within an Outlook profile. Someone chimed into say that because there was a discrepancy between cached and server data, the author would have to do...... something. I can't claim I understand.

Anyway, that set me on the road to thinking that I needed to try the template on another profile, just to see what would happen.

The very first thing I did after learning this stuff was to disable Cache mode in Outlook. That did not fix the problem. So, I then chose another profile that was configured and tried the Template. It worked. I then went back to my user's profile and it the template worked again. I then turned Cached mode back on and the template continued to work.

What's rather disappointing to me in all of this is that while this is a wonderful template you're kind of screwed if it breaks. I've seen a lot of information out there about the Calendar Printing Assistant and other templates one can download but I haven't found a full-fledged Calendar Template editor. The best I've been able to find is some information about opening the CATX files and editing the XML directly. Whee! :)

The template has some nice features that I don't believe are duplicated elsewhere.
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