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I am using Outlook 365 v16.0.12624.20422 (32-bit)
My Outlook 365 Calendar is sync'd to a Hotmail.com calendar.
Periodically I receive an event request to attend a meeting.
When I click "Accept" the event is placed into the Calendar - Outlook (see below), and not my Calendar - xxxxxxx@hotmail.com

Is there a setting to designate a primary calendar?


Just to clarify ...
The hotmail.com account is an Exchange Server .ost file, which also has the calendar data.
Email is downloaded from Hotmail, as well as other email accounts, onto the Outlook pst file.


C: drive files:
I don't use the meetings function, but I did some experimenting just now.
For me meeting requests go into the Calendar that is associated with the email that received the meeting invite.
So for you, which email address is associated with your "Calendar-Outlook"?
My Outlook 2016 does not exhibit a "Calendar-Outlook", has calendars named after each email account.
Thanks Vincenzo,

As shown above, the Outlook.pst is used to capture all email messages, from all accounts.
The calendar folder associated with the Outlook.pst is the Calendar - Outlook.
So, it seems that the "default" data file (Outlook.pst) captures the invitation regardless of email account.

This is why I am trying to determine how to direct invitations, etc to the Hotmail calendar.
The only workaround is to manually "move" the event to the Hotmail calendar.
However, if the event is changed or cancelled the notice also appears in Calendar - Outlook.

In reviewing the situation, I believe the only solution is to import the Hotmail calendar into Outlook 365 Calendar - Outlook.
Then implement synchronization with the Outlook 365 Calendar - Outlook and the Hotmail calendar.
I use an Android phone with the Microsoft Outlook app and Hotmail calendar, so still need to sync calendar events.
So, it seems that the "default" data file (Outlook.pst) captures the invitation regardless of email account.

Yes you are correct about that.
But on my Outlook have I have 3 calendars (call them A,B, C) that are stored there.

I have 4 email accounts but one (call it D) does not have a calendar associated with it.

On the test i did previously, i sent an meeting request from A (the primary account, not sure how outlook decided that, maybe it was the first one i created, or maybe because it is Hotmail) to B, and it appeared in the B calendar.

Just now I sent a request from B to D. But since there is no D calendar, outlook chose to put it in the A (primary) calendar.

So for me it puts the meeting request in the calendar associated with the account that receives the email, but if there is no calendar associated with that account, it puts it in the "primary" account calendar.

If I right click on a calendar in the list on the left and select Properties, I can see which account it is associated with.

Do you have a calendar associated with the email account that is receiving the requests?

The email account receiving the invitation does not have a calendar.
I suppose the MS developers will someday provide options to deal with these mindless enigmas!
The email account receiving the invitation does not have a calendar.
Is the hotmail added as an Exchange account? If so, invites should be on its calendar. Otherwise everything goes on the default calendar.
Thanks Diane,
Yes, there is a Hotmail account ... which is an Exchange account.
However, the invite came in on a different account and went onto the Outlook.pst calendar.
Yes it is odd. i am trying to add a calendar for that account and i can't figure out how.

I wonder if i create a new, 2nd, profile and add that account first, if it will get a calendar?
I did test it.

Created a new profile, put email account "D" (the account that had no calendar presently) in as the first email account. (it is hosted on Hostgator). And it got a calendar, and meeting invites sent to it are listed on the calendar.
So a solution for you might be to create a new profile (you can keep the old one too for safety) and add the account in question first, then the others.
OK Outlook created a .pst file on its own to hold the calendar, because the .ost file for the account could not hold a calendar.But if you create a new profile with hotmail as an Exchange account, that should be the default data file and therefore hold calendar, i think
If I was to guess, i'd say Outlook was set up with your hotmail in the days before all hotmail was Exchange. So perhaps Outlook decided to create that Outlook.pst file as a place to hold your calendar.
I am guessing a new profile with hotmail set up as Exchange would fix your issue.
Thanks for your help Vincenzo ... you have been busy!

I have finally resolved this schmozzle ... as follows:
1. As mentioned above, I moved the Hotmail calendar (on the Exchange .ost) to my Outlook.pst file (default)
2. Next I choose my business email account as the default account, Hotmail account is no longer default
3. Performed a number of tests where people send me event invitations to my business email account
- accepting the event invitation now places the event properly into my Outlook.pst calendar
- Note: I never receive event invitations in the Hotmail account, so no need to test

PS - I never receive notifications on this forum, what settings do I need?

If I was to guess, i'd say Outlook was set up with your hotmail in the days before all hotmail was Exchange. So perhaps Outlook decided to create that Outlook.pst file as a place to hold your calendar.
I am guessing a new profile with hotmail set up as Exchange would fix your issue.
Thank buddy it's work for me.
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