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Outlook version
Outlook 2021 64 bit
Email Account
I am using a newly purchased Outlook 2021
My problem is that our email signatures are not saving.
ie we have two users on one computer and the detail is simply the name and email address of each one
What am I doing wrongly?
What am I doing wrongly?
Probably nothing. :) Are you able to open the signature dialog and create a signature?

What type of email account do you have configured in Outlook? POP, IMAP, Outlook.com, or Microsoft Exchange?

In File > Options > General is thre an option to sync settings to the cloud? If yes and it is enabled, uncheck it and see if that helps.
Thanks for the help Diane.
Our email accounts are POP (as we like a unified InBox)
Yes I have used the signauture dialog many times and the preferences do not save
In file/options >general - I have no option to sync to the cloud.
Maybe of interest is a prefernces under Linked in features 'enable Linked' in which is ticked. Could this be relevant?
I'm running Microsoft Office Pro 2021 with Outlook-2021 here, and Signatures save just fine.

Maybe try a Repair-Install since it sounds like your Outlook-2021 is broken somehow.

Compact your PST file, (well, just because you can) and then back it up. Actually, go ahead and backup/export all Outlook-2021 data (I wrote a post about that here somewhere). Like you are going to migrate to a new computer, but don't ... just get it all documented and backed-up.

Then, do the Repair Install.
Reboot when finished.
See if that helps.
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