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Creating Outlook Appointments from Excel Cells

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Outlook 2016 64 bit
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Hello All,

I work for a property management company and have designed a spreadsheet that contains information on each of the properties we manage. Essentially, every property has certain certifications/permits they need to obtain each year, or whatnot. The screenshot below is from the summary page of the workbook, which pulls information from other sheets to display the correct expiration date.

I would like the spreadsheet to run a macro on the summary page that creates an appointment on a shared calendar, with an alert 3 weeks before each certification expires. The time does not matter. I would love if it could pull information from another sheet in the workbook that contains the last independent contractor who was last hired/their phone number and place it in the body of the appointment, but I can live without this feature. Preferably it would run the macro upon closing the workbook, as I don't expect the people in my office to remember to run a macro every time they enter a date.

Thank you!

Diane Poremsky

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Outlook 2016 32 bit
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The basic steps are here - Create Appointments Using Spreadsheet Data - but with your layout, it will need tweaked. Getting the information from other pages might work - it really depends on how the spreadsheet is laid out and if the data is always in the same cell or relative range so it can be found without a lookup or regex testing.