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I thought OWA is supposed to be browser neutral with respect to IE and Firefox. I've been playing around with both interfaces and while they're sure close, there are a couple of very annoying differences with the view submenu right above the search box.

When I select it, it shows Use Conversations checked. If I click that line to uncheck the box with IE, it does what's expected and I leave conversation mode. But not so with Firefox - it appears to be read-only. Similarly I can't turn off the reading pane or display it below.

At least I can cancel conversation mode with the 'conversations' sort menu that is below the search box, but I don't see any other ways to (re)move the reading pane, which I find unacceptable. Is there a way to change it and I just haven't found it yet?

Are you using Exchange 2010? OWA 2010 is as close to browser neutral as possible.

I can turn the reading pane off and on in FF (newest version) I can toggle conversations.

I'd check scripting and security settings in FF - I remember changing something in FF so another website worked but i forget what it was. <g>
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