Bugs in Outlook 2010

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Is anyone maintaining a list of known bugs in Outlook 2010?

Based on past experience, how does Microsoft eventually fix Outlook bugs?

Here's a bug in Outlook 2010 that I'm sure almost everyone has discovered:

Suppose you want to move a message to a new subfolder of an existing folder.

Assume that the existing folder already has many subfolders.

So you right click the message, hover to 'Move' then click on 'Other folder'.

Then you select the folder and click 'new' to create a subfolder. You then

type the name of the desired subfolder and click 'ok'. What should happen

is that the new subfolder should be created and selected and the list should show the

new subfolder. But in fact the list doesn't scroll so that the new subfolder

will be visible...as Outlook 2003 did. In fact it doesn't even select the new

subfolder. So you have to manually scroll to the new subfolder and click on it

to select it before clicking on 'ok'. A very obvious bug.
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