Exchange 2010 & mailbox database Quotas

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I would like set a mailbox Quota & sen an issue warning quota.

What i have done:

In the console tree, expand Server Configuration, and then click Mailbox.

In the result pane, select the server that contains the mailbox database for which i want to configure storage quotas.

In the work pane, select the mailbox database for which you want to configure storage quotas.

In the action pane, under the name of the mailbox database, click Properties.

In <Mailbox Database Name> Properties, click the Limits tab.

On the Limits tab, under Storage limits, complete the following fields:

Issue warning at (KB): set as 300.

Prohibit send at (KB) set as 500.

Prohibit send and receive at (KB) set as 750.

I have create a custom schedule. Actually for testing it's every 15 minutes

Actually just one account received warning email.

Some other account receive it if quota is configure on mailbox, but when i select use database settings they don't receive it anymore...

I have check that on mailbox setting use database setting is select.

I have compare the both account, i haven't fin any difference...

Does someone could help me?

Thanks in advance


On Exchange tools, i have use ME Troubleshooting assistant for tracking the Quota warning email. Only 3 people on 250 have received it :(

I have try with Event ID set as send, still this 3 account.

I'm looking at this 3 account, but at this time find nothing special on them...
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