In Exchange 2010, how to block an email containing an attachment that has foreign characters

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Hal Youngblood

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Is there a way with Exchange 2010 to block or filter emails that contain attachments that have Chinese or foreign characters in the attachment name?

We have an email application that process received emails and adds them to our software application. It interacts with Exchange via the exchang webservice. Our problem is it's older code and does not like emails with foreign characters, such as Chinese. Will be a big code re-write from what I've been told to properly handle the character set of Chinese letters. In the interim we would like Exchange to filter out or block these emails. Our client has been able to do this if the email subject contains Chinese characters, but we need to be able to bock the email if the attachment has Chinese or foreign characters in the name. There are no foreign characters associated with the email except the attachment.

An example attachment name that is killing our email application is : Doc 2014년 8월 03일 오후 318.pdf

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