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Hi there,

Having an issue that I was wondering if anyone could help me with. We have a large database of patients and referring GP's. We have linked the referring GP's to the patients by using the initiated by... field. That way, when we open a patient we can double click on the initiated by... field and bring up the GP. More recently however, the initiated by... field has unlinked itself. The field is still populated, however it is no longer an active link (i.e. the GP's name is still there, but it is not an active link that we can double click on). Further, when we relink the GP, it will stay an active link for a period and then become inactive again (which seems to be dependent on other activity in BCM, such as opening a different patient, and then reopening the other patient).

P.S. this is unrelated to the recent update - was there before and is there after

Any help would be greatly appreciated!

screen shot.png
the screen shot shows that the Initiated by... field is no longer an active link - compare it to the account field, which is still active (you can tell because of the underline)
This is a shared database? I think I know why its happening - the entryid (or another field) is changing, which drops between the name and the account or contact, but I don't know why.
Yes, it's a shared database. hmm any tests you think I could try?
this is actually a really essential feature for us, so if you could provide any further advice or testing that I could do that would be greatly appreciated!
Hi Diane (and anybody else that may have a clue what's happening here),

I have done some further investigations, and yes you are right, the referredentryid column in the SQL database is clearing, however the associated referredby column remains. Because the referredentryid column is cleared, there is no longer an active link between the two business contacts.

Through additional testing I have done, this only occurs when the database is shared, and when the shared computers have an offline copy of the database enabled.

Does anybody have any idea why this is happening, or what I could potentially do to stop it? Or alternatively, whether I could write an SQL query (I think that's what they're called) to rectify it?

Sorry, I am a bit of a novice with SQL, but hoping that this can be resolved for the sake of our business. Cheers,

Hi Dianne,

As there has been no response here, I'm guessing no one has any ideas. If I were to take this issue to microsoft to see if they could look into it, what would be the best forum to communicate through?

I certainly don't have any ideas. The best bet for BCM help is calling support - but you need to make sure you get on the business side, not the consumer side, because the consumer side is pretty clueless. I'm not sure if just telling them you have pro plus version of office works or if you need to give a product id though.
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