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Outlook version
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Heard all the raves about using MS Outlook, so started tinkering.
Have Office 2007 with Outlook, cranked it up and added my IMAP email.. no problem, so not an issue
Contacts & Calendar is where I am lost where I want to sync two PC's (Windows 10) with an Android phone with the Outlook App installed.

I thought I was fairly smart but am stumped.
Can someone point me a place where there is a setup guide for a Dummy like me.

There are 2 ways to sync calendar and contacts: using an exchange account (including and using a 3rd party utility such as companionlink or gsyncit to sync with the gmail calendar & contacts.
That is sad news
For years I have been using Companionlink with Palm Desktop and had hoped that MS had a more advanced system.
Well, they do... its called Exchange server. :) Companionlink is the best IMHO, if you arent using an Exchange account.
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