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I am hopeful you know somebody as smart as you that can fix the following re the Word 2007 Document. Thanks very very much as usual!!!:)

:)When I create a word 2007 document from a template that has Heading 1 for an Article and Heading 2 for Sections, the word document looks like this:

Article I


Section 1.1Title. Words after the title.

And then when I create a Table of Contents. the words in the table of contents with respect Section 1.1, shows the addtitional words, not just the word Title and the Article Title does not show up And it shows up like this:


Article I 1

Section 1.1 Title. Words after the title. 1

I researched and found the concept to create the TC Fields entries by highlighting the word Title and, click on alt+shift+O, and then mark it. And then go to the table of contents, click on alt+F9, and then do the following, hit alt+f9 again and then update the table of contents, and it should recogize just what I marked.

type \f at the end of the field.

It will look as follows:

{ TOC \o "1-3" \h \f }

But this does not do it.

So does anyone know how to do this. Thanks much.
To make this clear, I will repeat the structure of what I have done, and what shows up, and then tell me if there is a specific way to solve it.

I have Headers. Header 1 creates the words Article I and then every next Header 1 after each one is simply the next number, so will be Article II, Article III etc.

Header 2 creates the paragrahps under an Article. So if this is Article I and I put a Header 2 under it, the automatic words are Section 1.1 and each one is simply the next number, so will be Section 1.2, Section 1.3 etc.

When I create an Article I, it is located in the middle of the document, and at the end of the Article I, I click on shift+enter, and it creates a line break underneath the word Article I, and I type in the title for Article I called Article Title.

When I create Section 1.1 under it, after the words Section 1.1, on the same line, I type in the title of the Section called Section Title, and then a period, then two spaces, and type in the paragraph of Section 1.1.

I then highlight the words of the Section 1.1 title name called Section Title, click on alt+shift+o, and it opens up Mark Table of Contents Entry. The entry areas shows the section title name called Section Title, the table identifier is C and I make the level 2. And the TC field shows up as { TC "Section Title" \f C \1 "2"}.

I then create and go to the Table of Contents, select it, click on alt+F9 and I adjust the TOC to {TOC \o "1-1" \h \z \u \f}, which is what I was told to do.

And I update the full Table of Contents and it shows up as the following with the page numbers:

ARTICLE I Article Title
Section Title

So the point is, the words Article I and Article Title, show up perfectly.

But the words of Section 1.1, show the words Section Title, and not the begniing words from the header names Section 1.1.

So I have now described everthing, so if anyone can tell me how to fix this in details so Section 1.1 shows up before the words Secition Title in the Table of Contents, I would truly appreciate it.

Thank you very much as usual. I appreciate the online support!
I will give it a try in another way, and since you gave me those tremendous macros re Outlook 2007, please see below and tell me if this something you know.

So the macro I would love to have would do the following:

My Word 2007 Document has the headings that come from creating a mulitlist, and I link each level of the list to the appropriate heading.

So when begin a document, I click on the heading, and then I type in the words. So the example is that Heading 2 creates the original words from the Heading: Section 1.1, and then after that is created, I type in the words after it. Then I create the TC where I highlight the title words of Section 1.1 I had typed in, and those show up in the TC field. Then I click on Insert, Cross Reference, make the Insert reference to "Paragraph number (full context), and then insert Section 1.1. And as a result, in the TOC, the Section 1.1 and the title I added to the TC both show up.

So, what would be the macro where if I am in a certain paragraph of the heading, I click on the macro that just does the insert of the cross reference to the heading words that come with heading. So it automatically then does what I showed above and goes to the heading that I am in re the paragraph.

That would be great. Thanks very much.
Thanks much.

The first one is not what I need. The second one is what is the normal process I know.

I just want a macro that unrelated to TC and TOC, it just automatically let's me insert a cross reference to a paragraph number which is what comes from the headings.
this is not he the VBA.

Each Header has it's words that start with the Header. So Heading I, is Article I. Heading II is Section 1.1 That's what shows up when I click on the Header to make the paragraph. So all I need is the macro that automatically creates the cross reference to the Paragarph number of Header relatative to the paragraph I am in. So if it is in Section 1.1, I can create a cross reference by going to Input, Cross Reference, and in the Cross Reference Box, the the Reference Type is Numbered Type, and the Insert Reference To is Paragraph (full context), and then I click on the numbereed item in the Cross Reference box at number of the paragraph I am in.

So is there a macro that can do this when I am in the paragraph relative to the cross reference number I want, or is there a macro that can do this other than picking the numbered item, so it just starts up everthing in the Cross Reference box other than picking the numbered item, and then I can pick it from the Cross Reference Box that has been started up per the maco?
I found an easy way to do what I need to do, and just curious if you know how to create a macro that bascially runs the keyboard clicks I use in certain order of doing them.

Here is the info:

One more point that maybe takes care of it if someone knows how to create the macro or the shortcut.

So just focuses on Heading 2 paragraph that looks like this:

Section 1.1 Title. words words words.

If this is already in place through out the document in each section, here is what I also learned to do per each one, and if there is a way to create the macro that does this or a shortcut that does this, that would also be fine.

I put the mouse before the the words: "words words words". Then from the keyboard I do the following:

Ctrl+Alt+Enter Then I click on Enter again. Then I click on Ctrl+Shift+n

And doing to forgoing, it changes the style just to the words of that paragraph and shows just Section 1.1 Title in the TOC.

So is there a way to create a macro or a shortcut, that does each of those in the same order, so all I have to do at each heading paragraph, click on one click or tab, and its done.

Thanks again very much.
Here is the update and only one things to fix re the standard heading type and paragraph words:

Section 1.1 Title. words words words

I went to developer, record macro, and recorded the following process:

Ctrl+Alt+Enter Then I click on Enter again. Then I click on Ctrl+Shift+n as it does what it does as I mentioned above, but when I run the macro, the words "words words words" are pushed below the Section 1.1 Title. Not staying where typed. So when I do it, manually, it does not move the words below but the macro does that. So here is the macro that is formed and is there way to simply adjust the macro so it does not move the words below the title?

Sub Macro2()

Selection.Range.Style = ActiveDocument.Styles(wdStyleNormal)

End Sub

Thank you.
Are you showing all paragraph marks? Ctrl+Shift+8 - this will allow you to see what is happening. Here it looks like a hidden paragraph mark is inserted at the end.

Does it work if you don't insert the normal paragraph?
[h=2]The paragraph marks show up and after I do i manually, there is two paragraph marks at the end of the paragarph and one before the first word which is where I do those clicks at.[/h][h=2][/h]And then when the macro runs, it automatically moves the words below the title rather than keeping them in the pargraph. And when I do it manually, it does not move the words below.

And way fix the macro would be wonderful!



I'm still trying to figure out how toc's work - I've never had to use them before. :) I would try removing Selection.TypeParagraph from it.
thanks for your thoughts.....removing what you mentioned does not solve the problem and messes other stuff up...

As i said, the clicks mannually do it, so why would the recorded of the clicks, which takes care of the TOC, still move those words below. That's the problem.

Any other thoughts?
Thru another forum it has been fixed. If you want the macro, let me know and I will send it to you.

- - - Updated - - -

And thanks for your time so much!!!
I'm still learning TOC stuff. :)
Once again to the smartest woman!!

Here is what I posted in other places just in case something hits your head or someone else I should contact.

To All, Here is a full summary of the situation and hope someone can give me good advice:

When I am in a Word 2007 document with headers, they are from multlists and which are linked to the headers when creating the mulitlist.One of my headers, Header 2, shows up first as Section 1.1 as in multilist set up, under the enter formatting for number, I put in the word Section-1.1 and that also sets up the numbering for the heading I use going forward.

When I cross reference to the number as the paragraph number in the cross reference, it always shows up asSection 1.1, not just the number 1.1, and I read someplace that if you right click the cross reference, click on Toggle Field Codes, the field code that shows up is { REF _Ref354083577 \n \h }.I then add at the end of the field code ‘\t’ and save it, update the field, and the cross reference shows up as 1.1, not Section 1.1

So in the paragraph when I want to refer to an Exhibit I am adding at the end of the document, I refer to the Exhibit in the paragraph as “Exhibit 1.1”.And do it by typing in the word Exhibit and the cross reference to Section 1.1, with the field change to “\t” and in the paragraph is shows up as “Exhibit 1.1.

Then as a new page at the end of the document, which is separated, I click on Heading 9 which is set up from the mulitlist and linked to Heading 9, with just the word Exhibit and not a number type thru the multilist process. So when I click on Heading 9, the beginning of the new page is the word “Exhibit” andand then I do the same cross reference and it shows up at the top of the page, Exhibit 1.1.

So at the bottom the Exhibit page, I would like the page number to be 1-1.1.So I put in page number 1, and did the same cross reference an field change, and it show up on the page number as 1-1.1.

In the table of contents when it refers to the title of the page, it shows up as Exhibit 1.1, but the page number with respect to this Exhibit page, still only shows page 1, not 1-1.1

In addition, instead of putting in the page footer the cross reference to Section 1.1 with the field adjustment, I found out to cross reference to the Heading and the referring is to Heading text, and the number 1.1 comes into the page number, but not in the table of contents re the page number.

So is there a way to have page number in the Table of Contents show up as 1-1.1, as left hand side of the Table of Contents shows both the word Exhibit and the cross reference 1.1, but the page number in the Table of Contents does not show the cross reference number from either way of the cross reference in the page numbe footer.?

I read recently that there might be a way to add SEQ fields next to the page number in the footer, and as to the Identifier, I put in the word "Exhibit'

Is there a way to use this Field and include the cross reference to the numbers I cross reference to as stated above, and then modify the TOC field to recognize the changes to the Page number that then includes the number 1.1- before the page number in the table of contents?

Also, since the header is not set up with a number, there is no Caption to refer to, so is there a way to add a SEQ field or other field before the cross reference at the top of the page or make the cross reference the Caption for the heading.

And based on any of the foregoing, what do I change to the TOC field to show the numbe 1-1.-1 as the page number?

Thanks so much, as the help in the past from many people has been great!!
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