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Dear all

We are always performing changes or adding new comments in the "Comments(Notes)" field.
Until now the formating was 1st Row +"enter", 2nd row + "enter"and so on without using additional separators chars like ":" or ";", ".".
The issue is that when performing a search based on the "Comments" field only the 1st Row is taken into consideration and all other rows are ignored.

What could be the cause? Any specific separators need to be used?

Yes, it's the Notes field.
When viewing a contact this is the biggest field situated on the right side.
We are searching using keywords.
You said it stops the search with the first row / line - does the length of the line matter? Could it be stopping after nn characters or is it actually stopping at the first line feed?
I'll rephrase it: basically only the first row is taken into consideration when searching.
For example:
Contact X has the following notes:
row 1 = today is Thursday
2nd row= tomorrow is Friday

If we perform a search using the "Thursday" word the results will also include the contact X.
If we perform a search using "Friday" the results will not include the above mentioned contact.

I hope it's clear now if not please do let me know and I'll try to find a better example.
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