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Currie Carter

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Dear Ms Potemsky,
A while ago there was a discussion about blocking top level domains for which there was no entry in Outlook's top-level domain list. As I recall it was done using binary within a registry entry and the actual registry entry was dependent upon which version of Outlook one was using.

I am now seeing a lot of spam coming from a variety of .trade domains. Which is to say that sometimes the spam is from and sometimes from domains. Is there a way to devise a registry entry that would handle every domain that ended in ".trade" regardless of what followed the "@" symbol?

That is, is there a way to do a registry entry where the string between the "@" and ".trade" could be represented by a wildcard such as "@*.trade"? And, if so, what would the entry be and in which registry key would it be placed for Outlook 2010?

As ever, thanks again.
Try using .trade in the block senders list - I'll try to test it but not sure I will be able to.
I tested this using .com and it moved the mail to the junk folder, so it will work.
Ms. Poremsky: Again, many thanks for such a speedy and elegant solution. Works like a charm. And, for the rest of your readers I note that once the rule is created you can add additional strings to the same rule. Thus, one rule can handle many spam-heavy domains.
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