Collecting email from my domains and aggregating them in Hotmail

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We have consulted with Microsoft Outlook Support and they recommended Hotmail support. We have called in independent IT "experts" and all the above has resulted in an error when we call for a Forward of an account in Hotmail via a Rules Change.

The Forwards that we create terminate after 15 minutes and this is attributed [we have a screen shot of the error] because there are accounts like MSN, Yahoo, Google, etc. that have interactivity with our ISP account.

How does one work around this issue?
Yes. The Forwarding times out after 15 minutes and my ISP grabbed the screenshot explaining why the Forward times out. It says:

"Due to a number of servers being blacklisted for sending spam to major mail services we are prohibiting the use of forwarders to the following networks:

* - Yahoo!
* - Hotmail
* - AT&T
* - AOL
* - MSN

Every 15 minutes a cron will run to remove the forwarders from your list if you try to add them. If you have any questions please feel free to contact us."

It does not tell us who to contact and right now we're just stuck.

How to fix or work around is the issue?
You configured the ISP to forward to hotmail? How about configuring Hotmail to pull from the ISP? I don't see how they can prevent hotmail from POPing the mail.

Home, Options, Hotmail options. See screenshot:

our moves thusfar have been within C-Panel for the ISP email accounts which allows assignment of Rule Change > Forwarders. That's what resets every 15 minutes. Given that message how would you suggest we setup Hotmail to receive all message. We are talking about 3 mail accounts each from a different domain which we own.
Go to - sign in and then click options -


Click Hotmail on the left (seen in the screenshot in the earlier post)

That brings up the manage account screen, also in the earlier screenshot.

Click the add an email account link


enter your email address and password - click advanced options to see more options, including leave mail on server


Repeat for each account - while this is more work than forwarding, they can't block you this way.

AFAIK, when you pull using hotmail, you can reply from the web interface using the addresses you pull. This won't work with the connector in outlook, only when you use the browser to read mail.
Thank You Dianne--

The Hotmail now seems to be receiving the mail from my 3 domain email account addresses. I will check it over completely in the morning. Great Job!
It should work great. I use it for an account and haven't had problems.
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