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Is there anyway I can add other Social Networks to Outlook 2013 besides Facebook and LinkedIn, I would like to add Twitter and StumbleUpon, and maybe one or two others. Is this a doable action? I'm not a programmer, not a script writer, but I know enough to build computers, install and use most of the software I installed. But I am not a "Guru"/"Geek" on computers/software. I would really appreciate any and all help concerning this matter.

Thank You. :cool:
Some needs to write a provider for the other networks, then you will be able to add them. :) At this time, there are maybe 2 other providers.. or not. Outlook Social Connector Partner Listing - Office.com only lists FB and LinkedIn. I swear xing and one other was there before. :(
You would think that either M$ or the other OSC would be rushing to get their site(s) provider file already, especially Twitter, Messenger, Delicious, StumbleUpon, and others. Why doesn't M$ start putting the more popular/common ones out? If they did do, more people would be looking into Outlook! Is it me, or what? You would have everything centralized, or that's how I would see it.

I don't know why twitter and others haven't created a provider. I wouldn't expect Microsoft to do it - it's a hassle when things change on the backend and it stops working so its really best that the company or a 3rd party do it.

Messenger is dead - replaced by Skype. There is some Skype integration, but not in the people pane.
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