Outlook 2010: how to mark messages without opening? Eg for deletion

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My Android tablet email apps have check boxes so that I can delete messages without having to open them first. Mozilla email programmes do too. Is there a way to implement some kind of flag status, check box or radio button so that I can quickly select messages to delete without them appearing read to the senders of automated email campaigns?

I've seen Diane's tut on adding a yes/no field but this is not quite what I am after as I just want to select messages, not change their status.

I'm using OL 2010, Windows 8 and have both Exchange and Imap accounts.

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Unfortunately not... I've had a lot of requests for it for Outlook 2013 on Surface and other tablets.

You can use Delete key or Ctrl+D - but unless the reading pane is closed they will be "opened". Shift+Arrow or Shift+Click will select a group of messages and Del will delete them.
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