1. CWM550

    Discussion for all: IMAP + Safety

    I was told that it's safer to stay on POP3, than it would be to move to IMAP / Exchange / etc..... I am just wondering if there's any truth in that? Can hackers still get into your mailbox, even with 2 step turned on? Context: I use Fastmail with 2-Step ON with Authenticator App for...
  2. CWM550

    I'm thinking about switching back to POP

    One Drive subscription with Office 365 64 bit ( Monthly) Hi Ya'll, LONG TIME LINUX user here, but decided to give it up and switch back to Windows 10. I haven't used Outlook in YEAAAAARS.. So I am rusty.... How do I set up a pop 3 account .pst ? right now the account is set up as IMAP, so I...
  3. T

    How to deal with Upcoming GMAIL changes

    I have my Desktop (Outlook 2019) Gmail account set up as POP3 for some reason, and NOT IMAP, so does anyone know if it will still work at the end of the month? The laptop GMAIL account using Outlook Pro 2013 DOES have it as IMAP, and I DO have 2FA active on my Google account, but I am unsure how...
  4. B

    IMAP server rejects sent email - cannot deliver messages

    Hi all, I have an interesting problem with Outlook 365 (business license). I have some Exchange email addresses and some IMAP email addresses from different providers. They're all entered as accounts in Outlook 365. When I try to send IMAP messages on my Ionos account (I have more than one)...
  5. H

    Synchronize contacts and calendars across multiple devices

    I have tried to solve my dilemma and have researched the internet thoroughly but I need help. I am using MS Outlook 2019. I have five (5) IMAP accounts. Two of the accounts have exact duplicates of my contact list and calendar. I am seeking advice which will result in turning off the duplicate...
  6. J

    Moved many emails to Outlook external folder, need to delete on Gmail server

    I’m using Gmail through Outlook with IMAP. My Gmail account is nearly full. I need to delete many emails from the Gmail server, but still keep them on my computer. I started by moving a large set of emails from my Outlook inbox to an Outlook external folder (data file). Now I need to delete...
  7. GregS

    Outlook 365 blocked by Google popup

    When opened, OL365 is immediately obscured by a popup asking for Gmail login. When I log in to my valid Gmail account, a second dialog asks about sharing data between OL and Gmail. When I approve that, I quickly get a window : Sorry, we could not sign you in to google-IMAP. Try again later." If...
  8. K

    Outlook 2016 - controlling IMAP OST size with Group Policy not working

    Hi all, I'm trying the Slipstick Forum as this has been quite helpful in the past. Here goes... Our previous implementation of Office/Outlook 2013 in a 2008R2 RDS farm ran Outlook in online mode, and allowed users to add pop3, Exchange, or IMAP accounts. Even though we had Cached Exchange Mode...
  9. P

    IMAP Folders Dialog Box

    The "Display folders whose names contain:" Query input field in the "IMAP Folders" Dialog Box is case sensitive. To me this makes no sense. And it makes finding a particular folder more difficult. It also seems inconsistent with the way Windows 10 works in general. Does anyone know of some...
  10. RBLampert

    Invisible e-mails in Gmail accounts

    Recently I changed my Gmail accounts in Outlook to POP3 from IMAP for a number of reasons, including that I want to be able to access them from multiple devices. One of the accounts works fine but in the other two, while Outlook tells me I have unread messages in my inbox, I can't see them. I...
  11. W

    Outlook 2019, Outlook Proplus v1808/1809 Unexpected Calendar Cache

    Diane, You are just one of our favorite people! Your website is such a great Go-To for every problem with Outlook and Exchange we use it constantly. Since late September we have been investigating a mysterious problem with Outlook. Affects 2019 Preview, and Office 365 Pro Plus versions 1808...
  12. RBLampert

    Outlook 2010 sends to/receives from some Gmail addresses but not others

    I have three Gmail accounts. Outlook works fine with one--I can send and receive emails from it via Outlook--but not the other two. All three are IMAP accounts, the technical settings (ports, TLS/SSL selections, etc.) appear to be identical, but only one is included in the "All Accounts"...
  13. O

    Outlook 2016 crashes at start

    I just recovered from a system crash a day or two back. I think Outlook worked OK the day after that (I'm not sure), but now it crashes within seconds of starting. I am running the Office 2016 version, in Win 10 Pro x64, with the account set up as IMAP. I had thought, based on experience when...
  14. O

    POP3 vs iMAP?

    I want to set up my email so that mail deleted from my phone or laptop is still available for me to see on my home PC, but mail I delete from the home PC (which uses Outlook 2016) will be gone from the other two. It's my understanding that this would require I set up the home machine as POP3...
  15. Diane Poremsky

    Setting up an IMAP account

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  16. M

    10 Imap gmail accounts into OL2016-32b want 1 calendar

    Hi Diane, I am about to reset clean install my win10-64bit OS and also new (hopefully cleaner and more automated) IMAP Office365/Outlook2016-32bit (no exchange). I have roughly 10 gmail accounts (4-5 of those are primary use email accounts) My primary issue is two fold: 1) i would like just...
  17. Diane Poremsky

    Internet Mail Issues with Outlook

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  18. Diane Poremsky

    Online Services in Outlook: Gmail, Yahoo, iCloud, AOL, GoDaddy

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  19. A

    Folders in Outlook and Folders on iPhone 6

    My office recently changed our email addresses from to @____ (a vanity address). We are still with Suddenlink and we do not have Exchange. Prior to making the switch, I was able to view all of the folders I created in my Outlook on my iPhone 6, and file any emails on my...
  20. G

    Follow up and

    After setting up the Follow up (Flag) and Reminder still none of these i.e. Follow up (Flag) and Reminder shows in the message that the Recipient receives in his Inbox.