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I'm searching for a solution for the following scenario:

- an environment with 2 shared DB (A and B)

- an user is connected to the shared DB A and working offline

- let's assume the connection to DB A can't be established (f.e. DB was deleted )

- a new configuration must be performed and the shared DB "B" connected

- the BCM is in Offline Modus and the option to configure a new DB is greyed out

What options do we have in order to configure a new DB?


So, you have a shared db, one user (i assume the master) lost the db for whatever reason and the slave system has a copy?

I have never restored a shared copy, but I would get the sql db files (mdf, ldf or whatever the extensions are) and try bringing them up on the SQL server using the SQL management console. This is my 'oops, the mobo died and i forgot to backup but i can access the files on the drive' restore.) Or, If you can backup the db, you can restore the backup on the other computer.

But, because its the slave, I'm not sure it's going to work. Exporting the data and restoring after creating the new db might be your only option.
No exactly: I'm talking about performing another configuration using another DB after the BCM was already configured.

So one user has the BCM configured to work with Database A. The idea is to configure BCM to connect to another shared Database (B for example; like performing a new configuration from scratch) but the option to select and configure another DB is greyed out.

In order to be able to chose and configure another DB the BCM has to be online (connected to the currently configured DB) but we can't connect to the initial DB A for the following reason: "insert reason here".

Do we have to uninstall and reinstall BCM ?

How can we revert to original state after BCM installation?

If it's not clear enough I will try to explain again :)
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