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Dave Horne

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I spent a fair amount of time tonight exporting and importing my Outlook files.

My old computer was from 2013, I believe, and had Office 2013.

I just bought a new computer and had all kinds of problems importing my pst files.

I now realize, I should have first set up the accounts. My wife and I have separate email accounts, of course, and I wound up with all of her emails in my account (Office 2019).

I'm almost 100 percent certain had I created both accounts before importing, my evening would have been more enjoyable.

If this is something to use in a 'do this first' list, please pass it on.

Diane, I thought of you tonight but didn't remember your name. You helped many years ago.

Thanks, all the best, Dave Horne
Diane, I made an appointment with you today, five hours from now - 7 PM my time, 1 PM, I assume you time.

I'll give you more information to make this easier.

I have my Outlook emails, calendar, contacts on my new computer. I kept receiving that 0x8004010F error, the program couldn't access my outlook.pst file (or something very similar to that). I went into accounts, removed both accounts, mine and my wife's, and created two additional accounts. That solved the sending and receiveing issue, but I now have two sets of accounts.

I have my complete e-mail with a ton of folders in the first account and now a second simplified account under the same name. My wife also has the same issue.

So, I can send and receive from all four accounts, but I'd rather just see two.

Thanks, Dave Horne
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