Outlook Today. How to rename IMAP inbox accounts to something else than inbox?

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Dear Community,

I'd like to use the front page Outlook Today but how do I change the name of the email-accounts? I have three IMAP accounts. They are called e.g. Mail 1, Mail 2 and Mail 3. When you customize the Outlook Today screen you can add certain email-folders so that you can see that emails have arrived. If I add the top level folder i.e. Mail 1, Mail 2 and Mail 3 it does not populate any mailcount. and it should not since the emails that arrive comes to Mail 1/Inbox, Mail 2/Inbox, Mail 3/inbox. If I add the inbox for each of my accounts it populates just fine on the Outlook Today screen but it does not look very good since it says "Messages" as headline and below it says "inbox", "Inbox", "Inbox". It is not easy to determine which is which. Is there ANY way to rename these to something more useful, like "Mail account 1, Inbox"?

Kind regards



Outlook version
Outlook 2010 32 bit
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Re: Outlook Today. How to rename IMAP inbox accounts to something else than in

Outlook uses the folder name for the display name - you'd need to change the folder name, which is not possible with the inbox. Sorry.

Ok. Thanks for your reply.

As a halfway fix I added each mailbox top level as a folder. It never contains any emails but it contains the name of the account. I put each of these prior each selected account. So it looks like

Mail Account


Mail Account 2



However it does not look good and the account names has a zero after the name, saying no email.

Could one add some text in the registry key that holds the selected folders?

Maybe something like

//"Account name"/

Which then would be presented orior each "inbox"

Kind regards



Outlook version
Outlook 2010 32 bit
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