Just Plain Dissapointed

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I have to say, that I am just plain dissapointed in the lack of support and
training that this product has. I may not be the sharpest crayon in the box,
but unless your a Microsoft or Business contact manager expert, you really
have to spend weeks with this product to figure out how to use even a
fraction of it for your personal needs and even then, your probably doing it
the hard way. I've watched every tutorial, and read all the manuals. I
realize that every industry is differant and it would be tough to be
comprehensive, but there are so few examples of "how to" that its just about
pointless. What is worse, is that many of the examples are given in my
industry (real estate) and it still offers little guidance or instruction.
The posts I have made end up with responses that explain the deficiencys of
this product and directing me towrds another product. Its too bad. I had
higher expectations from Microsoft.
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