Outllok adds unwanted period in my e-mail address

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Outlook version
Outlook 2010 64 bit
Email Account
When I'm composing an e-mail, if I type in my email address in the body of the e-mail, which is my first and last name (for example johndoe@comcast.net), Outlook 2010 automatically adds a period between my first and last name (for example, john.doe@comcast.net) . I can't get this to stop, and if I'm not paying close attention every time, the wrong email goes out. Is this just another example of Microsoft thinking it knows best? Does anyone know how to turn this function off?
I'm guessing it's either autocorrect or autotext doing it.

Look for an entry in the Quick parts:


And check in file, options, mail, spelling and autocorrect, autocorrect tab.
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